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For Spanish learners

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  • Spanish grammar

Por vs. para: When to use each

Not sure when to use por and para in Spanish? This post clears up the confusion by explaining the difference in detail and giving examples of use cases.

  • Spanish grammar

Understanding Spanish indirect object pronouns

Learn how to use indirect object pronouns in Spanish with expert tips, examples, and exercises that will help you master the Spanish language in no time.

  • Spanish speaking

130+ common Spanish cognates you should know

Jumpstart your Spanish with 130+ Spanish cognates that are easy to remember. This post includes perfect, near-perfect, and false cognates — with downloadable PDFs.

For German learners

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  • German vocabulary

Months in German: A comprehensive guide

We cover German months and their pronunciation as well as helpful expressions and common mistakes to avoid when using German months in conversation.

  • German vocabulary

Days of the week in German

Learn the days of the week in German with these helpful tips and tricks. We also cover a few common expressions and link some practice exercises.

  • German vocabulary

How to say “Happy birthday” in German

Discover how to say 'happy birthday' in German with pronunciation tips, variations, and useful vocabulary. Learn to write a birthday card in German and explore German birthday traditions!

For Italian learners

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  • Italian vocabulary

Exploring the rich world of Italian slang

Explore Italian slang with our guide. Learn 20+ popular slang expressions, regional and generation variations, and how to speak like a local with confidence.

  • Italian vocabulary

The ultimate guide to Italian numbers

Learning to count is an essential part of mastering Italian. We’ve created the ultimate guide to help you count into the thousands and get by in Italy.

  • Italian vocabulary

Saying happy birthday in Italian: A comprehensive guide

Discover the art of saying 'Happy Birthday' in Italian and dive into the vibrant world of Italian birthday traditions with our comprehensive guide. Learn essential phrases, birthday card messages, and more.

For French learners

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  • French tips & resources

Must-watch French TV shows that will boost your language skills

Immerse yourself in the world of French TV shows to enrich your French language skills and cultural understanding. Discover the best shows for your level and learn how active engagement maximizes the benefits of watching TV shows. Lights, camera, Français – your journey to fluency starts here!

Language & culture

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  • Language & culture

What Aussies call their grandparents

Preply asked 1,500 Australians what they call their grandparents. Some of the nicknames might surprise you.

  • Language & culture

The most studied books in the US

We analyzed English Literature courses at universities across the US to find the most popular books, authors, & inclusive reading lists.

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